How Inflation occurs and how it eats up savings account


Inflation as defined by the oxford dictionary is a general increase in prices and a fall in purchasing value of money. Inflation is actually the difference between aggregate demand and aggregate supply of goods and services. When aggregate demand exceeds the supply of goods at current prices, there is a rise in the price level. … Read more

WHY CAN’T WE PRINT MORE MONEY? – Everything you need to know about money.

why can't we print more money

The more money you have in circulation the less its worth would be and that’s a problem.

For example if a massive inflation takes place and an average person, David has a million dollars but that million dollars actually worth is only to buy an apple. Then in this case the worth of a million dollar has gone down. The loss of purchasing power at a time is called inflation and when inflation gets out of hand money becomes worthless.

Psychology of money book review


 The psychology of money is written by Morgan Housel. It is one of the best books on money making and wealth creation.  The psychology of money deals with evergreen lessons on wealth.  Most people even our parents don’t understand how money works in a proper way. This is why almost in all houses discussing money is … Read more

How to earn money using Pinterest

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How to earn money by video editing in 2021

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10 ways to make money by side hustle in 2021

10 ways to earn side income in 2021

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