What is AWS cloud for? What are AWS regions?

AWS cloud is the one of the largest cloud providers in the world today. It has a huge market share among other cloud providers. Let’s look a more about AWS cloud AWS was launched in 2002, internally at Amazon.com. Because Amazon realized that the IT departments could be externalized. So their Amazon infrastructure was one … Read more

Freeze method in JavaScript

The freeze() method is used to freeze an object. Freezing an object does not allow adding new properties to an object, prevents from removing and prevents the enumerability, configurability or writability of existing properties i.e It returns the passed object and does not create a frozen copy. const obj = { prop: 100 }; object.freeze(obj); … Read more

What is Angular? Angular tutorial 1


Angular is a JavaScript framework which allows you to create reactive, single page applications. Why angular? Everyone has used mobile and web applications be it from social media to health care e-commerce and net banking these apps are used by billions of people across the globe now the main reason we use these apps is … Read more