10 ways to make money by side hustle in 2021

10 ways to make money by side hustle in 2021

10 ways to make money by side hustle in 2021

MONEY. A tool that makes life easy.

Each and everyone wants to earn money. You could be a person who is earning from a day job or an unemployed. In both cases would you mind earning some extra money by doing certain things in your leisure time.

The motivation of earning more money besides your job could be anything.

A student loan?

For a foreign trip?

Or just to become a little bit more financially stable.

Q. What is a Side hustle?

A side hustle is a source of money other than your regular day or night job.

Q. How to make a side hustle successful?

– Write down the things you are interested in and how much you know about those things.

-Schedule time for your side hustle to grow.

– Don’t forget about your day job. At last, your day job is helping you to pay the bills and maintain your side hustle thing.

So hey, here I have made a small list of 10 side hustle that would be easy and cost-effective to start.

1) Small business

The keyword here is to start small or to keep small so that you earn a little extra income regularly. This way you can have your business with investing not too much. You will have to find the correct void which your business can fill.

Examples :

You can start by running a small cafe nearby a college or school.

Sticker-making business.

Home-made cookie or pickle business, homemade soaps.

T-shirt merchandise.

2) Graphic Design

If you are skilled in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator you can make interesting graphics and you then sell them online. You can also get graphic design projects on freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru.. .etc

You can design
– logos
– inforgraphics
– graphics for social media
– texture design
– pattern design
– vector images for stock websites

There is a high demand for Infographics in online graphic design jobs. Even for simple infographics, people pay a lot. You can create an online portfolio showing your graphic design work either on your website or on those freelancing websites. You can sell your patterns or your vector images made in illustrator on stock websites such as Shutterstock.com.

3) Web development / App development

If you have a little bit of idea of web design, you can be built small websites for local businesses.

Note: You don’t have to build heavy websites with a complex interface such as booking/ payment transactions.

You can just build an app or website which describes which services does the company offer. A static website would also do good.

Just link a custom domain to a hosting server, many hosting servers now are integrated with CMS ( Content Management System) like WordPress.

WordPress provides tonnes of custom-built templates for your ideas and business. Within a single click, you can install those templates in your hosting and start tweaking the template to achieve your desired UI.

Now in the case of android app development, there are websites like Thunkable which helps to design your app with the Just drag and drop method and it is very easy to learn. You will learn this just in a day.

4) Starting your own app

Yes, with the help of Thunkable if you can design an app for local businesses then you can also design your app. Not many complicated ones.

For example, you can design an app that sends 1 joke or 1 motivational quote to every user. This wouldn’t require much coding skills just like small drag and drop methods.

5) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the rising thing for monetizing websites among bloggers. Even if you don’t have a webpage still you can earn profit by posting links, you just need to have a social media page to post links.

Websites like Amazon and Flipkart have affiliate marketing schemes.

Even registrar websites like GoDaddy and BlueHost have their affiliate marketing niches.

6) Start a blog or a YouTube channel

If you like to write then you can start by making a blog for yourself. Writing some content into it and when the blog gets famous you can monetize it by pasting some Ads and earning revenue from it.

7) Video editing

With the rise of cheap data rates and the demand for video content has given rise to a lot of video editors in the market.

Right now almost everybody needs a video editor.

Schools or colleges ( for marketing videos/ educational vidoes)
Youtubers ( for their content)
Companies ( for their product promotion etc etc)
Wedding organizers
News channels

You can earn a decent amount of money if you know how to edit videos.

If you want more on learn more on how to earn by video editing, then have a read on my blog post.
Read here https://cosmicnetra.com/freelance/how-to-earn-money-by-video-editing-in-2021/

8) Paid courses

Let’s suppose you are good at something, let say kitchen gardening and you want other people to have access to your knowledge. 

Then you a make course online or offline and sell them to the people who need it.

You can shoot your videos, edit them and make them look interesting by adding some pictures and then your course is ready. 

Then you can either sell them directly to those who demand for it or you can go through course selling websites like udemy. 

For selling offine, you can prepare your videos put them in a cd or a usb drive, then you can deliver it to the required person. 

You can also have your courses as video call sessions such as zoom calls. You can host online workshops there without going anywhere. You can charge according to course completion or you can charge per video call session. Whatever you like!


9) Selling ebooks

Writing ebooks and earning from them has become a trend nowdays. 
No hassle of physical publishing or selling. You yourself can become a seller. 

You just have to write about something you know. Even 20 pages can also do the job. 
Proof read them to avoid mistakes like spelling and grammer,
Compile them with help of ebook softwares in .pub format which is the format for ebooks.
Design a beautiful cover page. 
Do some marketing for you ebook you can do this by targeted ads.
For starters in ebook selling do not keep the price too high, cheap prices would attract a way lot of customers. 

10) Content writing 

If you love to write then you can also do content wrting jobs via freelancing or as a full time job in a media company or in a content writing company. 

Many websites owners or companies need content writers for them to maintain their posts or blog. You can reach out to them for content writing. 

They can ask for a sample first. You can deliver them a sample with your quotes. 
Content writing jobs are the most easy jobs. You just need to have a laptop, a good internet connection, lots of patience and love of writing.  

Emlpoyers can pay you per article or they can pay you by per word count. Remember at start keep your rates lower, deliver them in best quality, then after sometime after having experience you can raise your prices. 

So these were the side hustles from where you can earn some extra cash.

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