How to earn money using Pinterest

Now you can monetize via social media

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you would get to know about how to earn money via the pinning, giant Pinterest?


Another social media giant of the internet world.
Out of 50% of people reading this article has or had an account on Pinterest.

You may have never realized that you can earn money via Pinterest.
For this, you don’t need any prior experience.

So today in this post I’m gonna break down the formula of earning via Pinterest.

Yes, you are right that Pinterest doesn’t pay its users.

The crux of this article is that Pinterest would be used as a medium to generate traffic that could further lead up to a website, youtube channel, affiliate link, ebook buying, etc.

First, you will need a website or a youtube channel like something.

Now everybody knows how to create a youtube channel, if you don’t you would learn that in just a few minutes of internet surfing.

Most of you will say Ok, creating a youtube channel is easy but how to make a website that’s a lot difficult.

On this, I would say NO, it’s not.

Nowadays building a simple website for content is just like ordering a pizza.

So how do you order a pizza?

  • You decide a base,
  • You select the crust,
  • You choose the stuffings and toppings,
  • You choose the size, ( large, medium, or small)
  • and then you place the order.

After that, the pizza guy handles the situation for you a makes you a pizza.

No hassle.

The same is the case for making websites. Nowadays there are so many drags and drop user interfaces for you that you can create your websites within few minutes.

Simple websites like blogs or images type websites are made too easily without the hassle of coding.

You can design your website or a blog interface could be designed just by dragging and dropping.
Most of the website hosting companies, come with a default website builder tool nowadays which is super easy to use.

You will just have to connect a domain with it and start designing your website.

Ok. Now I have a website.

So what content should I post?

To select which content you need to post on your website you need to ask three questions yourself.

1st: Which content reading, learning, or watching makes you happy?
2nd: What people want? What do people need?
3rd: What is the thing you can work forever?

Now when you have the answer to the above questions, then you will have to select a common ground between these answers.

If you are successful in choosing a common ground among these answers, then CONGRATS, you have now selected a new niche for your website/blog/youtube channel.

Note: You will have to find a common ground between these answers, if you don’t then let me tell you for example that there are amazing artists out there in the world who are starving to get their needs met.

This is just an example to make you understand that no matter how good stuff you create you need to learn to monetize your creativity to get your needs met and to
make a living out of it.

After selecting the content, you need t write about the content and then post it to your website or blog. If you decided to make a Youtube channel then shoot videos, then edit it, and then post it on the channel.

Again we will revise our points.

1) Created our website / youtube channel.
2) Selected our content.
3) Posted/ Published our content.

How to drive traffic via Pinterest

Now to drive traffic to our content we will take the help of Pinterest.

Log in to Pinterest.

  • Create group boards that people can see.
  • See what people are searching for ( related to your content) by typing some letters or words in the search bar. Pinterest searches are a lot like google.
  • From one of the search results, choose your group board title. Do remember whatever title you choose should be somehow relatable to your content on the group board.
  • Place the link in your group board posts. Now when people would visit your group board posts, most of them would visit your website. This way you can send the traffic to your website. Then you can set ads on your websites to monetize them. Heavy traffic would mean more ad revenue. For setting ads you can apply for Google Adsense or
  • Now to design your posts on Pinterest, you can use sites like to make excellent graphic design images. They have a simple UI with the help of which you can create amazing visual posts. helps you to create graphic design art. It is widely used for youtube cover art, social media posts, etc.
    You can also make your Pinterest group board lead to your affiliate links on your website. You can make money from those affiliate sales.

Now let’s understand this by example.

Suppose you have a blog cum website about coffee beans and you regularly post content related to coffee beans on your website. Now with the help of tools like, you can design graphics with some cool quotes or texts with coffee or coffee beans as a background. Then you need to pin this on your board. These coffee-based pins would show up in coffee lovers feed or whoever has searched for coffee it would show up in their newsfeed. When they would click on your pins, most of them would be likely to visit the original source of these pins.

Whoa! The job is done for us.

So this was my way to earn money through Pinterest pins. I hope you liked the article, do leave a comment if you have any suggestions or further questions. I would love to reply.

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Thank you.

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