How to earn money using Pinterest

Now you can monetize via social media Wouldn’t it be interesting if you would get to know about how to earn money via the pinning, giant Pinterest? Pinterest. Another social media giant of the internet world.Out of 50% of people reading this article has or had an account on Pinterest. You may have never realized … Read more

How to earn money by video editing in 2021

 In this article of money-making, I will explain to you how to earn money by video editing.    With the rise of cheap and fast internet, the consumption of video content has gone sky-high.    By showing a video, you can easily communicate your views in a better manner than text or images.    So … Read more

10 ways to make money by side hustle in 2021

10 ways to earn side income in 2021

10 ways to make money by side hustle in 2021 MONEY. A tool that makes life easy. Each and everyone wants to earn money. You could be a person who is earning from a day job or an unemployed. In both cases would you mind earning some extra money by doing certain things in your … Read more

What is the difference between NIFTY and SENSEX? NIFTY vs SENSEX

SENSEX is the oldest market index and includes shares from the top 30 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. It represents 45 % of the index’s free-float market capitalization.

NIFTY, on the other hand, includes the shares from the top 50 companies listed on the National Stock Exchange representing around 62% of the index’s market free-float capitalization.